Boom-Ber-Pee Private Nature Refuge was established by the owners over the majority of the 20 hectare site.

Boom-Ber-Pee meaning ‘koala’ was the name given by the Quandamooka people, the traditional owner of the lands here. The site is located in the Koala Coast Corridor as it has 3 distinct eco systems – The Blackbutt Forests are considered ‘endangered’ and the Open Forest is ‘of concern’ due to their importance in maintaining biodiversity. The Spotted Gum forests are also dominant on the site.

Over 77 species of birds call Boom-Ber-Pee home along with 2 species of wallabies, koalas, echidnas, gliders and possums, goannas, rocket frogs and so much more.

Birds come to the bird feeders near the breakfast area and bird books and binoculars are available. There are 2 marked bushwalks on the property.


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